Is it red wine blended with white ? What does it taste like, is it sweet? When do I drink it, what can I pair it with? These are just a few of the questions we get from interested customers who are curious about taking a leap into the big pink pool with us. Below are a few factoids that could help you.


rosé = red grapes + white winemaking techniques

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ROsé starTS with red grapes

We start with Grenache, Syrah, or Mourvèdre grapes, then  crush them - letting the skins and the juice soak together for a few hours. After the juice has picked up the right amount of color and flavor, we chill it down to 58ºF and ferment it  for several weeks. Once the juice has turned to wine, we age it in steel tanks for about 4 months to further develop flavors and structure. Then we bottle it and get it to market as fresh as possible.



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each rosé grape has a unique personality 

In the same way that different red grapes create distinct styles of red wine, these same grapes create distinct styles of rosé wine. The wines cross a spectrum  from pale pink wines with lighter flavor qualities - to darker pink wines with slightly bolder, sometimes even more savory characteristics.  That's why we make 'varietal' rosés of Syrah, Grenache, and Mourvèdre that  feature the unique characteristics of each grape as a rosé wine. 


Rosé =  a flavor profile that's entirely unique

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great Rosé is crisp & fresh, not sweet 

They way we make our rosés creates a sensory experience no other wines can match.  In each wine, different blends of fresh berry, melon,  citrus, florals, and  savory notes, come together in ways that encourage you to discover more. We  make bright, crisp, well-balanced wines that can do anything you need them to - making them ideal for food pairing, frolic, picnics - or parties.


rosé = approachable and affordable WIne

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Rosé is easy to enjoy, and to purchase

These wines aren't about elaborate tasting rituals, or specific geological knowledge, or the traditions of our forebears, (although we're happy to stick our nose in a glass and play 'guess the fruit you smell')  they are meant to be delicious, refreshing, fun and affordable. That's why we work hard to make the best wine we can, at a price our customers are happy to pay.