We know you can get wine from anywhere, but there are a few reasons why we think you might want to get it from us. 

we focus on varietal rosés 

Focus on rosé varietals and quality.jpg

We’d rather be amazing at one thing, than pretty good at many things. That’s why we focus on making varietal rosé wines  - and nothing else. We start with grapes that we know people love: Syrah, Grenache, Mourvèdre, and we make the best rosés we can from each of them. Through careful experimentation, and methodical production, we develop the methods needed to turn each grape into the best rosé it can be.  We’re sure you’ll notice the difference our approach makes.


we support the central coast

LAWP_The Central Coast of California

From Monterey in the north to Santa Barbara in the south lies an area known as the Central Coast. Take a drive along the 101 or the PCH and you’ll understand why we love the area so much. It’s got none of the pretense of Napa or Sonoma, with all of the benefits: great grapes, modern wineries, and a super-talented cast of misfits and malcontents who are determined to prove that this is the best place in America to make wine. It’s here we get our grapes and - until we can build our own winery in LA - craft our rosés.  


we infuse L.A. into every glass


There's a cultural explosion going on in Los Angeles right now that  you need to experience. On every corner, in every neighborhood, from downtown to the beach and all parts in-between, there is something cool and fresh happening as we speak. From the Latino muralists adorning local walls, to the food truck gurus developing new cuisines, to the start-up CEO's inventing the future, this city is vibrating right now. Mix this creative energy with the Endless Summer vibes this city is legendary for, and you get the perfect place for our little rosé wine company. Grab a bottle and enjoy a taste of L.A. in every sip.