Overprinted Vintage Tees

Overprinted Vintage Tees


We're calling these Tee's Overprinted Vintage because of the process we're using to create them: we source vintage T-shirts from high-quality warehouses and print our logo over the top of the existing graphics. With the, each one is handmade and completely unique - no two are alike.  

The images you see are representative of the shirts we're creating - these aren't the actual shirts you'll get. Simply choose a size and we'll send you a shirt in a cool random color and print. 

Note that because these are one-of-a-kind, handmade vintage shirts, there may be small quirks with the fabric or printing i.e a stray thread, a tiny hole, worn graphics etc. If you think these quirks will irk you, then these shirts might not be your best choice. 

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